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The Takeaway Menu


All starters include salad and lemon

Onion Bhaji 2.70

Sliced Onions And Spices Deep Fried

Aloo Chops 2.70

Spiced Potatoes Rolled In Bread Crumbs Deep Fried

Samosas (Meat Or Vegetable) 2.70

Triangular Pastry Filled With Spiced Meat orVegetable

Lamb Chops 3.90

Marinated & cooked in clay oven.

Chicken Tikka /lamb tikka 3.50/3.90

Marinated And Cooked In Clay Oven

Chicken Tandoori 3.60

Marinated Chicken On The Bone Cooked In Clay Oven

Fish Tikka 3.60

Grilled Pieces Of Marinated Fish

King Prawn Tandoori 4.70

Marinated And Cooked In Clay Oven

Sheek Kebab 3.30

Spiced Mince Meat Cooked On A Skewer In Tandoor

Shami Kebab 3.30

Spiced Mince Meat Grilled Till Browning

Mixed Kebab 3.70

Mixture Of Shami Kebab Sek Kebab And Onion Bhaji

Tandoori Mix Kebab 3.90

Mixture Of Sheek Kebab, Chicken Tikka And Lamb Tikka

Chicken Chaat 3.80

Diced Pieces Of Chicken Cooked In Chaat Sauce And Served On Pastry

King Prawn Bhaji Puree 4.70

Chicken Bhaji Puree 3.80

Mushroom Bhaji Puree 3.20

Prawn Puree 3.90

Prawns With Cream And Coconut Served On Fried Pastry

King Prawn Butterfly 4.70

Covered In A Mixture Of Eggs And Breadcrumbs

Chicken Tikka Pakora 3.70

Chicken Dipped In Special Batter and Deep Fried

Fish Pakora 3.80

Pieces of fish marinated in special batter sauce & deep fried.

Tandoori Dishes

All These Dishes Are Marinated With Yoghurt Spices Then Cooked In Clay Oven and Are Served With Salad

Chicken Tandoori (On the Bone) 6.50

Chicken Tikka/ Lamb tikka 6.40/7.30

King Prawn Tandoori 9.30

Fish Tikka 6.60

Tandoori Mix Grill 8.90

Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Chicken Tandoori, Sheek Kebab and King Prawn

Chicken/Lamb Shashlick 6.90/7.60

With Grilled Onions , Peppers And Tomatoes

Tandoori Specialities

Chicken /Lamb Tikka Masala 6.90/7.60

Cooked In Mild Spices With Cream, Almond And Onions

Chicken/Lamb Tikka Makhani 6.90/7.60

Cooked In Mild Spices With Onion, Plum Tomatoes, Almond And Butter Ghee

Chicken/Lamb Tikka Shashlick Bhuna 7.20/7.90

Cooked With Onions, Tomatoes & Peppers

Curried Lamb Chops 7.80

Marinated lamb chops cooked with tomatoes, peppers & onions.

Manchurian Chicken Tikka Or Lamb Tikka 6.70/7.50

Cooked in Medium spices in a special soya flavoured sauce.

Silsila Chicken Tikka/Lamb Tikka 6.70/7.50

Cooked in Medium spices, spinach, fried garlic & tomato sauce

Achari Chicken/Lamb Tikka 6.70/7.50

Strips of tandoori chicken mince meat, egg with onion & peppers.

Katmandu Chicken/Lamb Tikka 6.70/7.50

Cooked With Fresh Garlic & Ginger In Medium Spices Dressed With Fried Chillies

Jaipuri Chicken/Lamb Tikka 6.70/7.50

Cooked With Fried Mushrooms Onions, Red Peppers In A Thick Punjabi Masala Sauce

Chicken/Lamb Tikka Jalfrezi 6.70/7.50

Cooked With Onion, Peppers And Fresh Green Chillies Firly Hot

Chicken/Lamb Tikka Sizzler 6.70/7.50

Pieces Of Chicken Or Lamb Tikka Stir Fried With Mushrooms, Peppers, Onions And Special Spices

Chicken/Lamb Tikka Naga 6.70/7.50

Fairly hot dish prepared with a special hot naga sauce.

Chicken/Lamb Tikka Shobuz 6.70/7.50

Cooked In A Sauce Of Crushed Green Chillies& Corianders Very Hot

Chicken/Lamb Tikka Jhal Zinga 6.70/7.50

Cooked With Fresh Green Chillies And Exotic Vegetable

North Indian Chilli Garlick chicken/Lamb tikka 6.70/7.50

Cooked In A Hot Chilli Garlic Sauce, With Red Peppers & Onions Very Strong Flavours.

Tandoori King Prawn Masala 9.50

Marinated King Prawns Cooked In A Creamy Sauce With Almonds

Shahi Chicken /Lamb Tikka 6.90/7.60

Spicy Mince Meat And Strips Of Tandoori Chicken Cooked In Medium Spices With Onions Tomatoes And Peppers

Chicken Tikka/Lamb tikka Shahjani 6.70/7.50

Delicious Combination Of Chicken Or Lamb Tikka And Spinach With Fennel, Coriander And Chillies

Sizzler Fish Tikka 6.90

Pieces of grilled fish stir fried with mushrooms, onions & peppers.

Tandoori King Prawn Sizzler 9.50

Marinated king prawns stir fried with mushrooms, onions & red peppers

Chicken Tikka/Lamb Sag Paneer 6.90/7.60

Onions, Tomatoes, Spinach, Fresh Garlic With Cheese

Karai Dishes

A Medium Spiced Dish, Semi-Dry Cooked With Fresh Garlic, Ginger, Herbs, Grilled Chunky Onions And Green Peppers.

Chicken/Lamb Karai 6.70/7.50

Chicken/Lamb tikka Karai 6.90/7.60

Prawn Karai 6.90

King Prawn Karai 9.30

Mixed Tikka Karai 7.80

Vegetable Karai 5.30

Chef’s Specialities

Rubeez Chef Special 6.90

Strips Of Tandoori Chicken Cooked With Wine

Baruchi Chicken/Lamb 6.90/7.60

Cooked with potatoes in a fairly hot & spicy sauce garnished with onions.

Nawabi Chicken / Lamb 6.90/7.60

Freshly marinated meat cooked with chunky onions & peppers in a medium sauce.

Honey Mustard Chicken / Lamb Tikka 6.90/7.60

Cooked with honey mustard & mild spices.

Chicken / Lamb Tikka Con Carne 6.90/7.60

Marinated & cooked with a special sweet & hot chilli sauce with red peppers.

Chicken/Gosht Kalia 6.90/7.60

Cooked with fresh ginger chopped green chillies in a thick & hot sauce.

Tikka Naga Chicken / Lamb 6.90/7.60

Cooked in hot spices & special naga sauce.

Tawa Gost 7.80


Melted lamb cooked with onion & spices in thick sauce.

Machli Jhalfrezi 6.90


Fish cooked with fresh green chillies, onions, tomatoes & peppers.

Chicken Liver Bhuna 6.90

Pieces of chicken liver cooked with onions, tomatoes & peppers.

King Prawn Sag Paneer 9.50

Cooked with spinach, garlic & cheese.

Butter Chicken 6.90

Tandoori chicken strips cooked in medium spices then garnished with
cream & butter.

Mixed Machli 9.50

Mixture of fish, prawns,and king prawn cooked in medium spices.

Kopta Jhool 7.60

Fried mince meat balls cooked in a special sauce.

Shatkora Chicken/Gost 6.90/7.60

Tropical lime like vegetable combined with special spices.

Shakorana Chicken / Lamb Tikka 6.90/7.60

Cooked in a fairly hot spicy sauce with crushed chillies & coriander.

King Prawn Jhal Zinga 9.50

Cooked with fresh green chillies & exotic vegetable.

Biryani dishes

These dishes are stir fried with basmati rice, chickpeas and onions. Served with a vegetable curry sauce

chicken/Lamb biryani 6.90/7.60

chicken/Lamb tikka biryani 7.50/7.90

Prawn biryani 7.90

King prawn biryani 9.50

Vegetable biryani 6.30

Special mixed biryani 8.50

Traditional dishes

The following old favourites can be served with the following

King Prawn9.20

 Chicken 5.90

Prawn 6.50

Tikka ( Chicken or Lamb) 6.50


Fish 6.50




Cooked in medium spices


Cooked in fairly hot spices


Cooked in very hot spices


Cooked with peppers, onions and tomatoes


Garnished with onions, pepper and extra tomatoes


Cooked with onions, peppers, tomatoes and egg


Cooked with chunky roasted onions, tomatoes and peppers


Cooked with spinach, tomatoes and onions


Sweet curry with coconut and cream


With fenugreek leaves, tomatoes and peppers


Sweet, hot & sour curry with lentils and pineapple


A hot & sour dish cooked with coconut


With mushrooms in medium spices


With spicy potatoes, peppers, onions and tomatoes


Cooked with ladies finger(okra),herbs, peppers, tomatoes and onions


Cooked with herbs, peppers, tomatoes and fresh aubergines


Cooked with pineapple and mild spices

Balti Specialities

All These Dishes Are Prepared With Roasted Onions & Peppers in A Special Balti Sauce

Balti Chicken/Lamb 6.70/7.50

Balti Chicken/Lamb Tikka 6.90/7.60

Tandoori King Prawn Balti 9.50

Mixed Balti 7.80

Vegetable Balti 5.50

Balti Chicken/lamb tikka Plaza 7.90/8.60

Marinated Chicken With King Prawn Cooked With Garlic Tomatoes And Grilled Onions

Balti King Prawn Lazeez 9.50

Cooked With Onions, Tomatoes, Peppers and Garnished With Fresh Chillies

Balti Chicken/Lamb Tikka Zafrani 6.90/7.60

Cooked With Garlic, Ginger, Green Chillies Onions and Peppers

Vegetable Side Dishes

Mushroom bhaji3.50

Spicy mushrooms.

Bombay aloo3.50

Spicy potatoes

Aloo gobi3.50

Cauliflower & spicy potatoes

Sag aloo3.50

Spinach & potatoes

Sag bhaji3.50

Spinach with garlic

Tarka dal3.50

 lentils with garlic

Brinjal bhaji3.50

 fresh spicy aubergines

Bhindi bhaji3.50

Spicy okra (ladies fingers)

Sag paneer3.90

Spinach & cheese

Aloo methi3.50

Spicy potatoes & fenugreek leaves

Chana aloo bhaji3.50

Chickpeas & spicy potatoes

Mixed vegetable curry3.50

 Mixture of vegetables

Chana bhaji3.50

Spicy chick peas

Gobi bhaji3.50

Spicy cauliflower


Plain Or Spiced Papadoms 0.60

Pickle Tray 1.50

Plain Nan 2.30

Garlic Nan 2.50

Keema Nan 2.60

Cheese Nan 2.60

Peshwari Nan2.60

Garlic Keema Nan 2.80

Kulcha Nan2.60

TanDoori Roti2.10

Plain Parata 2.40

Stuffed Parata 2.60

Chapati 1.10

Dhai Raita 1.90

Chips 2.10


Plain Boiled Rice. 2.30

Pilau Rice 2.40

Mushroom Rice 2.70

Egg Rice 2.70

Ghee Rice 2.70

Prawn Pilau Rice 2.90

Rubeez Special Rice 2.90

Keema Rice 2.90

Garlic Rice 2.70

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